Brothers and Sisters of Local #12:

Effective January 1st, 2020:  The new mileage rate will be $0.575/mile (fifty-seven and 1/2 cents)


Click Here for the Red Wing Recall Information.


Please view the YouTube video below.  Always be mindful of the tasks you perform and never leave jumpers on the job.  If there is a switch that needs to be repaired, shut the unit down until the switch is repaired or replaced.  Never jump out a switch, even if you are instructed to do so by your supervisor.  The consequences could be on you.


Eric R. Rogers

IUEC Local 12

Business Manager





March 23rd, 2020 - All Meetings for April 2020 have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Click the following links for critical information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Kansas City stay at home order (CLICK HERE).

What to know about Covid-19 (CLICK HERE).

OSHA and Covid-19 (CLICK HERE).

Memorandum from NEBA (CLICK HERE).

NEI Health Benefit info (CLICK HERE).

NEI Covid-19 quarantine form (CLICK HERE).


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